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Implementation Procedure

The NTRCA issues certificates to successful candidates who qualify in the Teachers’ Registration Examination. Persons certified and registered by this body are entitled to apply for teaching positions in non-government education institutions. The School/Madrasa Managing Committees or Governing Bodies of the educational institutions were used to select teachers for their institutions from these registered persons. To make the teachers selection process more transparent and merit based the Ministry of Education, through a notificationdated 30.12.2015, gave the responsibility of selecting teachers for all non-government educational institutions to NTRCA. In the notification the ministry has defined necessary criteria for selecting teachers. NTRCA is conducting the selection process according to the specified criteria through an automatic online based system.

Registration Examination Procedure:
Generally registration examination is conducted once a year. The non-government educational institutes are grouped into three clusters, such as: School, School-2 and College level. School-2 level includes institutes of Ebtedayee section of all madrasas, all technical and business studies institutes. College level means all colleges and school level covers the rest.

The Exam Advertisement is published in national daily newspapers and NTRCA & MoEdu websites. Those who meet the required qualifications can apply online. Then the applicants are invited to take part in the examination. The examination has three stages:

(1) Preliminary Exam(MCQ)-for all candidates. This exam is designed to judge the basic or general competencies of a would be teacher/candidate. The 100 questions of this one hour long exam are chosen from four major areas such as Bangla (Language), English, General Math and Current Affairs. Minimum qualifying mark is 40%. Each correct answer bears one mark and for an incorrect answer 0.5 mark is deducted.

(2) Written Exam-for candidates passed in Preliminary Exam(MCQ). The exam is conducted to assess special competencies of a candidate. This is a three-hour long examination of 100 marks with analytical type of questions to judge the level of knowledge and expertise as a subject specialist. The subjects are chosen by the candidates during submission of online application according to their wish depending of their educational background. Presently NTRCA arranges written exams of 82 subjects for colleges, schools, madrasas and technical institutes,

(3) Viva-Voce-for candidates selected through written exam. In this last stage of Registration Examination selected number of candidates are invited for Viva-Voce to judge their personality traits, style of expression and teaching ability.

Teacher Selection Procedure:
In this process all non-government educational institutions requiring teacher are supposed to submit e-requisition to NTRCA. Based on these requisitions NTRCA floats the vacancies in its website inviting online applications to fill-up the vacancies. Only the persons having NTRCA registration certificates can apply on the basis of their qualifications.

Selection Criteria:
The teachers are selected on the basis of guidelines set by Ministry of Education. At present merit is the main criteria of selection which is derived from marks obtained in NTRCA registration exam. During selection location of the institutes and gender of the candidates are also taken into consideration. Posts of the institutes of Dhaka City Corporation (North and South) are open for country-wide all candidates i.e. selection is done on national merit basis. Candidates of a Division get priority during selection for the posts of the institutes of concerned Divisional towns. If no candidate is available from the Division then selection is done on the basis of national merit. Candidates of a Upazilla get first priority for the posts of institutes of that Upazilla. If no applicant is available from the concerned Upazilla then selection is done from the applicants of the relevant District on the merit basis. Like-wise if no applicant is available from that district then selection is done similarly from applicants of that division. In absence of application from concerned division selection is done on national merit basis.

The total selection procedure is being done by a specialized web-based software run in collaboration with Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. For selecting candidates no further examinations are taken and there is no scope to influence or manipulate the process and also this automatic web-based system ensure the process more transparent.

For a particular post after selecting one candidate by NTRCA, concern School/Madrasa Managing Committee or Governing Body of the educational institution appoints the person as teacher.